Friday, April 9, 2010

AUTOBNOXIOUS: Celebrities on Bikes

Why do I feel like I'm always seeing photos of Miley Cyrus on bikes? Perhaps more importantly, why am I always seeing photos of Miley Cyrus? I don't even really know who she is or what she does, except that she's the daughter of achy breaky Billy Ray--and even that I didn't know until a month or so ago, when my nearly-60-year-old dad clued me in. Does she sing? Act? Be a Mouseketeer? Who knows, and who cares? What's important is that mostly I see photos of her tooling around town on two (non-gas-powered) wheels.

While a certain Huffington Post blog post might try to half-assedly posit otherwise, unfortunately, I don't think this is some greeny celebrity trend: I think that Little Miss Cyrus is just too young to legally get behind the wheel of anything else. Wait, no, according to Wikipedia, she's 17. Well!


Coloradan said...

Ok, even I know that she's freaking Hanna Montana. Ring any bells?

You'd think she'd wear a helmet to set a good example for her tiny fans. She must be going through a rebellious phase.

Coloradan said...

Oops, that should be Hannah Montana.

jane voodikon said...

Who wants to wear a helmet? Helmets are lame. And if the roads were car-free, I don't think they'd even make a safety difference.

I don't know what Hanna Montana is, but that sounds lame, too. OK, OK, I know it has something to do with Disney, right? And being a pop star? High School Musical? I'm not hip or with it.